Brisingr- Day 3

I’m still reading Brisingr…  My reading speed is quite slow. Anyway, I’ll share how much I’ve read today.


I’ve read until page 278. The story is going on fine. Not really that exciting, but I’m addicted to the story.  On the last post, I said that Saphira, Eragon, Arya came back to the Varden. Now, Eragon and Saphira are having a normal life as a Rider and a Dragon. But, they have a matter to figure out.

There is a girl named Elva and Eragon has cursed her in the ancient language by mistake. Well, he tried to bless her but due to his misunderstanding(?) of the ancient language he had made a serious problem. He tries to get off the curse from Elva. The counteracting spell was not a huge success, but it helped Elva to control the pain that she feels from others.

The story goes on a peaceful pace…….. And that’s all for today! See you tomorrow~^*^

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