Macbeth (William Shakespeare)

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The book that I’ve read

Okay, so today I’m going to review the book ‘Macbeth’ one of the four tragedies by William Shakespeare. Actually, this book was very boring. I was really excited when I heard from people that books written by Shakespeare is very good. But, it was different from my expectation. I thought this book will be full of interest and I will finish reading after few days because this was quite short book with 100 pages. However, it took me about a month to finish it – which indicates that I really thought this book was boring. This is only based on my thought so I encourage you to read it as others do.

 By considering the interest of this book, I would not recommend it but still there is a part that I think is educational. So, overall I propose this one.

Let me tell you the basic story line. There is a Thane of Glamis, Macbeth. He meets the three witches with his friend, Banquo – which is really familiar part – and gets the prophecy that he will become a king and for Banquo his son will be the king. So, Macbeth tells this news to his wife, Lady Macbeth. Then, Macbeth kills King Duncan and because of that the princes – Malcolm and Donalbain – escape with fear. And as the witches had predicted, Macbeth becomes king and then kills Banquo meets the witches again. He now gets the prophecies from apparitions that ‘ No man born of woman ‘ cannot hurt him.

Meanwhile, Macduff has escaped to help Malcolm becoming a king. They march towards the Dunsinane, holding the branches as if the whole forest is moving. Macbeth and Malcolm’s army fights against each other and Macduff kills Macbeth because he was not a man born of woman. In the end, Malcolm becomes a king.

 The moral that the story gives is that we should not trip over to the pit of power and  makes homicide. Even thought we wants the authority people should not hurt people as the Macbeth has done. Look at the destiny of Macbeth! He bathed his hands in blood and meets the sky after his achievement in the end.

So, if I can make some grade of this book it will be

Interesting? 2/5

Helpful? 5/5

*** If there are some mistakes, please let me know. I will be willing to edit my errors. ***

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