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Creating Word Cloud

At my school few months ago, there was a wordle competition for World Book Day. The competition was about creating a topography of a certain book, employing Tagul website or other websites that are similar. I chose the book Warriors (book cover below), story about wild cats.

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1st book of the series

Using the Tagul website, I created the Word Cloud like this.

Word Cloud 1 (1).png

And I had won the competition!!! It was a very thrilling work to do, so I hope you can try it when you finish reading a book. It can be beneficial for arranging the whole story. The website(Tagul) is here -> follow this link

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Eragon series – Brisingr (Christopher Paolini)

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Today I’m going to review BRISINGR in eragon series. (Finally!!! I finished reading it……!!) This book was about more than 700 pages but despite that this book was really thrilling!!! As I expected, this book was over my expectation. Now, let’s begin sharing the story!

So, after Eragon had a fight with his half-brother Murtagh in the book ‘THE ELDEST’ Eragon and Roran(Eragon’s cousin) with Saphira opens the story in an attempt to kill the Ra’zac and save Roran’s – brider-to-be – Katrina. They hide in the Helgrind and after few days they kill the Ra’zac and their parents, Lethrblaka and rescue Katrina. Eragon encounter with Katrina’s dad, Sloan who betrayed the villagers. So, Eragon sends Saphira away with Roran and Katrina and punishes Sloan to go to the Du Weldenvarden.

After that, Eragon returns to Varden with Arya ( whom saw Saphira coming to the Varden and when she saw Eragon was not with them ran to find Eragon ). Eragon constantly serves for Varden and one day he fights against Murtagh and his dragon, Thorn while others fought against soldiers who are free of pain. Eragon  and Saphira succeeds in driving Thron and Murtagh away.

Nasuada then only sends Eragon with an urgal to the dwarves. Eragon tries his best to assist his Dwarf friend Orik to be the king of the dwarves and finally Orik becomes the king. From hearing that news, Saphira comes for Eragon and together they go to the Ellesmera. They make a new rider’s sword named Brisingr by Eragon and get their last lessons from Glaedr and Oromis who are their teachers. Glaedr – Oromis’s dragon – gives his heart of hearts, Eldunari to Eragon and Saphira which is same as giving one’s conscious. Therefore, Glaedr is able to communicate with them even if his body will die.

Eragon and Saphira moves toward the battlefield in Feinster and Glaedr and Oromis heads for Gil’ead. However, during the fight Eragon and Saphira sense Glaedr and Oromis’s death from the Eldunari of Glaedr.

The book was full of adventure and the description was very elaborate. So, if I can make some grade of this book it will be….

Interesting? 5/5

Helpful? 4/5

(This is my personal opinion so, don’t make up your mind about something from just listening to me) I think learning vocabulary from this book can be helpful for foreign students who are trying to learn English.

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