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On my summer vacation I drew bunch of pictures and today I’m going to post my best drawing ever. The title of this picture is ‘A MECHANICAL DRAGON’.

This is my painting.

I used a image from pinterest as a reference. It was very hard to use the exactly same colour from the image because it seemed like the image was created by computer. However, I tried to use the same colour as best as I could. The reference picture is below. I think it would be better for you to look at my painting first and then look at the reference image(because I think my image is much worse than the reference…..)

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This is the reference image.

I basically used my HB staedtler pencil to sketch and then used the watercolour to paint and finally I used my prismacolor colour pencils to make out some details. It took me about 10 hours(I don’t know why it took that long time) to finish.

*** P.S. Currently, I’m drawing some cartoon style cats ***

*** Picture from pinterest(***

Art works

Creating Word Cloud

At my school few months ago, there was a wordle competition for World Book Day. The competition was about creating a topography of a certain book, employing Tagul website or other websites that are similar. I chose the book Warriors (book cover below), story about wild cats.

Related image
1st book of the series

Using the Tagul website, I created the Word Cloud like this.

Word Cloud 1 (1).png

And I had won the competition!!! It was a very thrilling work to do, so I hope you can try it when you finish reading a book. It can be beneficial for arranging the whole story. The website(Tagul) is here -> follow this linkĀ

*** Warriors book cover from google ***