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Lord Of the Flies (William Golding)

Not recently, but few months ago on my summer vacation I read a really fantastic book entitled, ‘Lord of the Flies’. This is one of my favorite classic books.

This book was quite violent for me because the description about how boys killed each other was very touching and made me become frightened.

Now I will stop talking about how the book was because I think I need to mention the summary of this book and make a review.

***P.S. This is the translation of the article from acting as a reporter at the national library for children and young adult.***

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The book that I read in Korean.


The book, ‘Lord of the Flies’ cannot be excluded even if we just say CLASSIC BOOKS. This book is about after the plane crash which was boarding boys in order to evacuate them when the nuclear war started and the main character Ralph searching for the way to survive. He-Ralph-asserted to light the signal fire and build the shelters to be rescued. At first, the things had gone smooth without any problems as time went by the boys began to play with each other. Especially, a boy named Jack, always went for hunting and did not take care of the signal fire which he was responsible for. Due to Jack’s unmindful behavior, Jack and Ralph who had been best friends together began to split up. Now, the other boys began to split up into two sides-Ralph’s side and Jack’s side-but, most of the boys went to Jack’s side. Jack’s hunting party tuned into barbarian


by killing the pigs and they began to feel no sense of guilt even from killing other boys.

In this part, the book depicts a horrendous thing-if a person commits killing, then after that even though he/she commits it again, they will not feel the guilt anymore.

After that, because of Jack and others the boys named Simon and Piggy become dead. The death of the two boys made Ralph to become alone and Jack tried to kill Ralph because he thought Ralph is dangerous.

However, why is the title of this book is ‘Lord of the Flies’? Even though, the flies only appears for few pages why would the title become ‘Lord of the FLIES’? I think this is because the part when the flies gather around a pig’s head shows the corruption of the society metaphorically. Moreover, in this book Simon who got killed from other boys symbolizes a priest, Piggy who was intellectual but died from a death of a fall symbolizes a civilized person, Jack who killed numerous boys as well as the leader of the hunting party represents a dark person(uncivilized) and finally Ralph means the leader of a community.


‘Lord of the Flies’ is also a political allegorical novel having many characters related to the roles in politics. By the conch used for lots of moral satires and convoking assemblies, the specs broken by Jack and other things give meanings symbolically. Like these ‘Lord of the Flies’ shows the inner ambition, people corrupting due to power, an urge to control and etc. Therefore, if you are interested in classic books and want to know how William Golding lampooned the society, I really recommend you to read this book.

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The book that I’m currently reading in English.

Interesting? 5/5

Helpful? 5/5

*** If there are some mistakes, please let me know. I will be willing to edit my errors. ***

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Eragon series – Brisingr (Christopher Paolini)

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Today I’m going to review BRISINGR in eragon series. (Finally!!! I finished reading it……!!) This book was about more than 700 pages but despite that this book was really thrilling!!! As I expected, this book was over my expectation. Now, let’s begin sharing the story!

So, after Eragon had a fight with his half-brother Murtagh in the book ‘THE ELDEST’ Eragon and Roran(Eragon’s cousin) with Saphira opens the story in an attempt to kill the Ra’zac and save Roran’s – brider-to-be – Katrina. They hide in the Helgrind and after few days they kill the Ra’zac and their parents, Lethrblaka and rescue Katrina. Eragon encounter with Katrina’s dad, Sloan who betrayed the villagers. So, Eragon sends Saphira away with Roran and Katrina and punishes Sloan to go to the Du Weldenvarden.

After that, Eragon returns to Varden with Arya ( whom saw Saphira coming to the Varden and when she saw Eragon was not with them ran to find Eragon ). Eragon constantly serves for Varden and one day he fights against Murtagh and his dragon, Thorn while others fought against soldiers who are free of pain. Eragon  and Saphira succeeds in driving Thron and Murtagh away.

Nasuada then only sends Eragon with an urgal to the dwarves. Eragon tries his best to assist his Dwarf friend Orik to be the king of the dwarves and finally Orik becomes the king. From hearing that news, Saphira comes for Eragon and together they go to the Ellesmera. They make a new rider’s sword named Brisingr by Eragon and get their last lessons from Glaedr and Oromis who are their teachers. Glaedr – Oromis’s dragon – gives his heart of hearts, Eldunari to Eragon and Saphira which is same as giving one’s conscious. Therefore, Glaedr is able to communicate with them even if his body will die.

Eragon and Saphira moves toward the battlefield in Feinster and Glaedr and Oromis heads for Gil’ead. However, during the fight Eragon and Saphira sense Glaedr and Oromis’s death from the Eldunari of Glaedr.

The book was full of adventure and the description was very elaborate. So, if I can make some grade of this book it will be….

Interesting? 5/5

Helpful? 4/5

(This is my personal opinion so, don’t make up your mind about something from just listening to me) I think learning vocabulary from this book can be helpful for foreign students who are trying to learn English.

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Macbeth (William Shakespeare)

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The book that I’ve read

Okay, so today I’m going to review the book ‘Macbeth’ one of the four tragedies by William Shakespeare. Actually, this book was very boring. I was really excited when I heard from people that books written by Shakespeare is very good. But, it was different from my expectation. I thought this book will be full of interest and I will finish reading after few days because this was quite short book with 100 pages. However, it took me about a month to finish it – which indicates that I really thought this book was boring. This is only based on my thought so I encourage you to read it as others do.

 By considering the interest of this book, I would not recommend it but still there is a part that I think is educational. So, overall I propose this one.

Let me tell you the basic story line. There is a Thane of Glamis, Macbeth. He meets the three witches with his friend, Banquo – which is really familiar part – and gets the prophecy that he will become a king and for Banquo his son will be the king. So, Macbeth tells this news to his wife, Lady Macbeth. Then, Macbeth kills King Duncan and because of that the princes – Malcolm and Donalbain – escape with fear. And as the witches had predicted, Macbeth becomes king and then kills Banquo meets the witches again. He now gets the prophecies from apparitions that ‘ No man born of woman ‘ cannot hurt him.

Meanwhile, Macduff has escaped to help Malcolm becoming a king. They march towards the Dunsinane, holding the branches as if the whole forest is moving. Macbeth and Malcolm’s army fights against each other and Macduff kills Macbeth because he was not a man born of woman. In the end, Malcolm becomes a king.

 The moral that the story gives is that we should not trip over to the pit of power and  makes homicide. Even thought we wants the authority people should not hurt people as the Macbeth has done. Look at the destiny of Macbeth! He bathed his hands in blood and meets the sky after his achievement in the end.

So, if I can make some grade of this book it will be

Interesting? 2/5

Helpful? 5/5

*** If there are some mistakes, please let me know. I will be willing to edit my errors. ***

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Brisingr- Day 3

I’m still reading Brisingr…  My reading speed is quite slow. Anyway, I’ll share how much I’ve read today.


I’ve read until page 278. The story is going on fine. Not really that exciting, but I’m addicted to the story.  On the last post, I said that Saphira, Eragon, Arya came back to the Varden. Now, Eragon and Saphira are having a normal life as a Rider and a Dragon. But, they have a matter to figure out.

There is a girl named Elva and Eragon has cursed her in the ancient language by mistake. Well, he tried to bless her but due to his misunderstanding(?) of the ancient language he had made a serious problem. He tries to get off the curse from Elva. The counteracting spell was not a huge success, but it helped Elva to control the pain that she feels from others.

The story goes on a peaceful pace…….. And that’s all for today! See you tomorrow~^*^

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Have you ever read Eragon Series? I’m currently reading it and I’m really absorbed into these books!!! The series contain 4 books and I’m reading the third one. -> The order of the book : Eragon -> Eldest -> Brisingr -> Inheritance

Brisingr에 대한 이미지 검색결과
Brisingr front cover

I’ve read almost 2/3 of the book. The story is not really that thrilling yet. Well, the start of the story  was quite exciting because it was the fighting scene. But, now the story is flowing to the boring part. Well, the story had started with Eragon and Roran’s attempt to kill Ra’zac(which are really creepy creatures) and Lethrblaka(Ra’zac’s parent).

lethrblaka에 대한 이미지 검색결과
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Ra’zac from movie Eragon

Then, they just kill them and Eragon(the main character) travels alone to give a punishment to Sloan(Roran’s wife Katrina’s dad). Because Sloan had betrayed his village and he was being captured by Ra’zac.

So, Eragon’s dragon Saphira takes Roran(Eragon’s cousin), Katrina(she was captured by Ra’zac) to the Varden. Arya, the elf, set an investigation to look for Eragon and she finally meets him. After that, they come back safely to the Varden. Done! To understand my writings better, read Eragon series!

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